Thursday, September 9, 2010

Traditional First Day of School Picture

My mom has traditionally taken a back-to-school picture at the start of every new school year (as I'm sure yours did, too)... so to hold up the tradition I took a picture of myself before heading off to my first class AS A SENIOR! (disregard the fact that it's not my last year of school, regardless of this status).

So far, I'm very happy with my classes, Chinese is posing an intellectual challenge & the rest of my classes seem interesting enough, with stellar professors (they are either getting crazier with age or I'm just more in-tune with each professor's bizarre/quaint personalities than I ever used to be). Anywho, off to my Abnormal Psychology class!


5 remarks:

Kelly Renée said...

Aw, Amy! You're so skinny and pretty! I wish I looked like you. :)

I have a back-to-school photo too but I'm not sure if I want to post it anywhere because my smile is really scary. >.>

Katie Marie said...

NICE. Good luck with everything!

Heidi Rose said...

Oh Amy, you look so pretty! Dude, I wish I had thought of this (oh wait... I think I did...). Anyway, great idea. Good luck with the rest of semester.

Heidi Rose said...


Jon Chu said...

Gah! If we're near, I can teach you Chinese! Go RAWK the world, Amy! We haven't talked for a very long time, I hope all is well with you. =)